Meatballsilog 菲式豬肉丸, 蒜蓉炒飯, 煎蛋
Meatballsilog 菲式豬肉丸, 蒜蓉炒飯, 煎蛋

Meatballsilog 菲式豬肉丸, 蒜蓉炒飯, 煎蛋

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菲式豬肉丸, 蒜蓉炒飯, 煎蛋

Filipino style meatballs, garlic fried rice, fried egg

Meatballsilog GoGoBaon

Philippines' most favorite breakfast is the "Silog".  Anyone looking for a quick rice meal will certainly respond to the Silog with enthusiasm.  It's a popular meal of choice any time of day and is no longer a mere breakfast option.  It's the Philippines version of all-day breakfast. 

GoGoBaon Breakfast Silog Menu for a dish that only costs $35 each and includes garlic fried rice and egg.

For Filipinos and Filipino Food enthusiast, we welcome you to the ONE & ONLY home cooked Filipino Food provider here in Tung Chung.

We are a take away shop for people on-the-go. And we stay true to our name GoGoBaon. "baon" [ba-on]

meaning: n. provision or supply of food taken on a journey;

v. to carry provisions or supplies usually food.

e.g. What's your baon for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? How about baon for snacks?

Pick up you "BAON" here as your day starts❣️❣️❣️
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97 G/F Ma Wan Chung (Old Fishing Village) Tung Chung, Lantau Island, N.T.