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For Filipino Home Made Cuisine

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How to Order

"baon" [ba-on]


   n.  provision or supply of food taken on a journey;

v.  to carry provisions or supplies usually food.

e.g. What's your baon for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? How about baon for snacks?

What We Offer

Baon Style Catering

Individually packed for easy set up and clean up. Every guest can choose the dish they like. Plus, at the end of your event, guests can just take them away leaving you with nothing to clean up.

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Catering on a Platter

If you want the classic Platter Menu then we have it all for you

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#baondaily (Daily Meals)

If you live in Tung Chung specifically in Pa Mei, you can have a pick of you favourite Filipino Food and have it every single day.  Pick up point is at the Pa Mei big carpark at 11:30 am daily.  

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What our Clients Say

I just remembered that one of your goals is to serve food like how your mom does it.

Felt home this time.

Siguro kasi masarap and marame. Hehe.


We are overall impressed with the services of GoGoBaon. 

Food delivery--on time and the food was great!

Dance for Joy HK


Great taste and the price is not too expensive.

It is worth a try.

Kaito Pang

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GGB Drinks

Quench your thirst with our GGB Drinks or complete your celebrations with your favourite meal partner.

You can request your choice of drinks if you don't see them here.

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GGB Desserts

Do you have a sweet tooth?

Make your celebrations a little bit sweeter by adding desserts to you meals.

GGB Desserts is your sweet tooth station and your craving solution.

No more missing your favourite Filipino desserts... EVER!

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Your Virtual Canteen for Filipino Home Made Cuisine

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